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Become an
Organizer with Pacaya

Turn Your Passion Into Opportunity

Are you passionate about bringing people together? Do you have hobbies, interests, or activities that you want to share with others? Becoming an organizer on Pacaya allows you to take your passion to the next level by creating and managing your own events, or activities.

Pacaya provides the perfect platform to connect with like-minded individuals

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How to Become an Organizer

Sign Up or Log In

Create your Pacaya account or log in if you already have one.

Create Your Organizer Profile

Tell the community who you are. Set up your organizer profile with details about your interests, expertise, and the type of activities you plan to offer.

Plan Your Event

Use our comprehensive planning tools to design your event. Set the date, location, and details, and specify the number of attendees you can accommodate.

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Publish and Promote

Once your event is set up, publish it to make it visible to the Pacaya community. Use our built-in promotional tools to spread the word and attract participants.

Host and Manage

On the day of the event, manage your attendees with our check-in tools. After the event, gather feedback to make your next event even better!

Why Become an Organizer on Pacaya?

  • Reach and Engagement: Gain access to a vibrant community of users actively seeking new experiences and connections.
  • Simplicity: Use our intuitive platform to easily set up, manage, and promote your events or activities.
  • Flexibility: Host events whenever it suits you, with tools to manage attendees, schedules, and feedback all in one place.
  • Support: Benefit from Pacaya’s promotional and technical support, ensuring your activities get the visibility they deserve.
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