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Company Policy

Pacaya International Inc. Company Policy

1. Mission Statement

“Pacaya empowers individuals to connect, create, and celebrate through local activities, fostering real-life connections and enriching social lives.”

2. Vision Statement

“To become the leading social network mobile application for local discovery and community engagement, inspiring people to explore their interests and build meaningful relationships.”

3. Core Values

  • Community: Building a supportive network where everyone is included.
  • Authenticity: Ensuring genuine experiences and interactions.
  • Passion: Encouraging enthusiasm and dedication in every activity.
  • Innovation: Continuously improving our application to meet user needs.

4. Employee Conduct and Ethics

Employees are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and respect in all interactions. This includes interactions with colleagues, users of the app, and external partners. Discrimination, harassment, and unethical behavior are strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action.

5. Workplace Environment

Pacaya International Inc. is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and positive working environment. We support diversity and equal opportunity and are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

6. User Data Protection and Privacy

Protecting user data is paramount. Employees must adhere to strict data privacy policies, ensuring that all user information is handled securely and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of user data is prohibited.

7. Product Development and Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our operations. Employees are encouraged to bring forward innovative ideas that align with our mission and help enhance user experience. The company supports ongoing training and development to foster innovation and skill enhancement.

8. Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility

Pacaya International Inc. actively engages with the communities where we operate. Employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities and initiatives that strengthen community ties and contribute positively to societal needs.

9. Health and Safety

The company is committed to maintaining a safe workplace. All employees must follow safety guidelines and report any hazards that could lead to injuries or accidents. Remote and in-field staff must adhere to specific safety protocols relevant to their work conditions and environments.

10. Sustainability Practices

Pacaya International Inc. strives to operate sustainably. We encourage practices that reduce environmental impact, such as recycling, energy conservation, and responsible sourcing of materials.

11. Conflict Resolution

The company promotes a constructive approach to conflict resolution. Employees are encouraged to resolve conflicts through open communication and mediation. The HR department is available to assist in conflict resolution and ensure that all parties are heard and treated fairly.

12. Compliance and Legal

All employees are required to comply with local, national, and international laws governing our operations. The legal department provides guidance and updates on relevant legal requirements to ensure company-wide compliance.

13. Employee Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Employee feedback is vital for continuous improvement. The company conducts regular surveys and feedback sessions to gather insights from employees on how to improve our workplace and operations.

14. Remote Work and Flexibility

Recognizing the evolving nature of work, Pacaya International Inc. supports flexible work arrangements, including remote work options, where feasible. This policy is designed to support work-life balance while maintaining productivity and collaboration.